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Scratching tickets is easy enough right?

Scratch & Win games are easy and give players an instant result. You scratch and compare the numbers and symbols to see if you’ve won or lost.  Simple right?  Well, there’s a bit more to it. Let’s dive in and learn it all.

How to play Scratch & Win?

  1. Choose a Scratch & Win ticket from your local lottery retailer.
  2. Scratch the play area to reveal the numbers or symbols and see if they match. Make sure to check the instructions on the back of your ticket as games may vary from one to another.
  3. Check your ticket to see if you’ve won or lost.

The odds of winning

Scratch & Win games are random, so how likely is it that a player will win? Is it possible to predict a win every time you play?

Scratch & Win odds vary from one game to another. On average, the odds of winning are approximately 1 in 4, but it doesn’t mean that if you purchase four tickets that one will be the winner. Even if you buy tickets in bulk, you might only have losing tickets. Winning and losing tickets are randomly distributed across the province or nationally, depending on the game. That’s the fun of it!

The odds of winning can also vary based on two considerations: the number of tickets printed and the number of prizes available for a game. After a game is released, the numbers of purchased tickets and prizes collected have a great impact on predicting the odds of a game.

How 50/50 draws work

The odds of winning a 50/50 draw typically depend on how many people buy tickets. If you buy one ticket, you get one number. If that number is selected in the draw, you get half the value of the tickets sold. In other words, the house advantage for a 50/50 draw is typically around 50 percent, meaning half of the amount wagered is taken away from the prize pool.

Busting Scratch & Win Myths

Buying multiple tickets improves your chances of winning.

Not true. Tickets are distributed randomly and there’s no way to know which retailer gets the jackpot or smaller prize tickets. Even if someone purchases multiple tickets, they could still end up with all losing tickets.

Retailers know which tickets are winners and sell them to friends, family or staff.

There are strict security procedures in place to ensure that no one knows where a winning ticket will end up. Scratch & Win games are totally random and that’s what makes them fun.

The thickness of the white line between tickets guarantees a win every time.

Nope. The white line on the bottom of a ticket happens when they’re detached. Some have a thicker line simply because of the type of paper or printing procedure used.

A joy to give but not for kids

Watching kids grow and looking to experience it all by mimicking adults can make funny and heart-warming moments. What children see and hear, however, can also have a negative impact on them, including alcohol, cigarettes, and gambling.

Odds & Chance

Do you know the difference?

Dive deeper into the concepts on how chance works so you can make smart choices no matter what game you play.


Is anything truly random?

When you gamble, it may seem like you’re in control of what’s happening, but you’re not—in fact, it’s completely random.

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