When you gamble, it may seem like you’re in control of what’s happening, but you’re not – in fact, it’s completely random.

Unpredictability and independence

Randomness refers to events happening by chance, without any purposeful plan. In gambling, an assortment of mechanisms is used to ensure a game is unpredictable. That’s how gambling works. Each game is designed to use randomness to make sure the house has an advantage, to make the results both unpredictable and independent from previous or future plays. In the lottery, winning numbers are selected at random and there is no way to predict what numbers will come up.

No control over outcomes

A series of wins can happen from time to time and that’s all part of the fun. However, this should not be mistaken for the illusion that you may be “on a roll” or have control and influence over the game and outcome.

Now that’s Random Chance by the numbers

Celebrating your 100th birthday: 1 in 50

Dying from falling down the stairs: 1 in 6,330

Being struck by lightning: 1 in 24,000

Dying from flesh-eating bacteria: 1 in 14 million

Odds & Chance

Do you know the difference?

Dive deeper into the concepts on how chance works so you can make smart choices no matter what game you play.

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