• Over 50,000 prizes of $20 or more!
  • Win up to $50,000 plus additional prize categories of $10,000, $5,000, $500 and other cash prizes.
  • Overall odds of 1 in 3.96
  • Click here for the Top Prizes Remaining

Play Instructions:

1. Scratch the CALLER’S CARD and the BONUS NUMBERS. Scratch the FREE SPACE and all the numbers on CARDS 1 though 6 which exactly match those on the CALLER’S CARD and in the BONUS NUMBERS.

2. If on any of CARDS 1 through 6 you exactly match any of the following patterns (a “winning pattern”):

all numbers in a complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal LINE (consisting of five squares);

or four corners;

or an “X” (consisting of two complete diagonal lines which include four corners),

you win the corresponding prize in the prize legend arrow pointing to that CARD.

Note: This ticket can win more than one prize, but only one prize can be claimed on each of CARDS 1 through 6.

Numbers in the area marked “CNTL. NO.” cannot be used to win a prize.

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