NWT/Nunavut Lotteries is governed by the NWT Lottery Authority, a committee of the NWT Sport and Recreation Council (SRC).  Lottery Authority members are appointed annually by the Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs.

The Lottery Authorities objective is to maximize returns to the Lottery fund in the most socially responsible and cost effective way.  It is responsible for endorsement and evaluation of the Lottery Strategy, approval of annual budgets and review of financial statements, and review and endorsement of all reports created by the organization with respect to the Lottery Strategy.

Lottery Authority members are selected based on the following, as outlined in legislation https://www.justice.gov.nt.ca/en/files/legislation/western-canada-lottery/western-canada-lottery.r1.pdf


Three members from the SRC board: Abe Theil, Brian Kelln, Darren Moorman

Two members with accounting, legal or marketing expertise: Glenn Tait, Connie Lee

One public officer: Damon Crossman